Update On Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case, What Happened With Her? Who Killed Her

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Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case:We’re here to tell you about a recent murder case that has stirred up a lot of debate on social media. Make sure to read this article last, because we’re here to give you the latest on Kiesha Abraham’s murder case.

Robert Smith went to prison for 10 years, but many people still don’t know what happened in this murder case. However, this case is now going viral because it is so interesting. So, read this article if you want to learn more about this case. She was found dead when she was six years old. Her mother, whose name is Kriesti Abraham, killed her.

What Did Kiesha Abrahams Do?

In the same year, there was also a stepfather. According to the resources and report, after the investigation, the department found out that both her mother and her stepfather were to blame for her death. This made people wonder about a lot of things.

Update On Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case, What Happened With Her? Who Killed HerUpdate On Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case, What Happened With Her? Who Killed Her

What happened when Kiesha Abrahams was killed?

As we told you before, this murder happened in 2010, when this girl went missing. After the police started looking for her, she was found in a shallow grave in Blue Mountain. Both of them eventually admitted to the crime and were found guilty. We also learned that she was tortured a lot and that her parents were the ones who hurt her.

Who put Kiesha Abrahams to death?

Both were arrested, and each was given a prison sentence of more than 22 years for this murder. She went through a lot of pain and was limited by her family. When she was put on her bed and into the shower, she was said to have died because her biological father had broken up with her mother a few years before.

Has Kiesha Abrahams’ killer been caught?

His father had no idea that his daughter was having so many problems. A lot of people wanted to know if Robert Smith was free or not. But there is still no news about the case, and we haven’t been told anything new either. We can see that he is still in jail, though.


He was charged with murder in this case, and he also played a cruel part in the murder. It is possible that his sentence will be lengthened, but we will let you know as soon as we hear anything new.

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