The Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Racket

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From WSJopinion: Taxpayers and Marines are paying the price, and the GOP shouldn’t rest until they’ve fixed this trial-lawyer ripoff

How Democrats rigged a legislative payoff for trial lawyers.

ByThe Editorial BoardMarch 5, 2023 6:33 pm ETAny American watching TV in recent months has seen the avalanche of trial-lawyer ads offering to represent Marines exposed to chemicals at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune. Here’s the back story on how Democrats in Congress turned a bipartisan effort to aid sick Marines into a new bounty for trial lawyers.

In August President Joe Biden signed the PACT Act, which provides compensation to veterans and family members exposed to toxic substances. This includes lawsuits brought by those exposed to chemicals in the water from 1953 to 1987 at Camp Lejeune. Yet even as the bill removed the government’s ability to defend against suits, it eliminated caps on trial-lawyer fees. The tort bar is now preparing to cash in, leaving Marines with little and taxpayers with a ridiculous bill.

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