Optimus Prime Gets Lifetime Achievement Award At Kids’ Choice

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Source: James Manning – PA Images / Getty

Gen X and Millennials hold a special place in their heart for ’80s cartoons such as Thundercats, Transformers and Voltron, so when fan favorite Autobot, Optimus Prime, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kids’ Choice Awards over the weekend, everyone over the age of 40 certainly approved.

According to Variety, the star of the Transformers franchise was bestowed with the lifetime honor Saturday night (March 4), for giving children and adults a lifetime of memories both in cartoon and CGI form as the Transformers film franchise has been churning out movies for the past decade and change (for better and worse). Introduced by Pete Davidson, Optimus Prime appeared on the Jumbotron to thank his fans and called for unity during his acceptance speech.

From Variety:

Optimus Prime accepted his award via prerecorded statement, presumably because the Microsoft Theater does not have doors big enough to accommodate him. “Let this award seal the bond between humans, Maximals, and Autobots,” he said, “as we fight together to protect the planet.” Celebs always go political with their speeches. It’s the Stranger Things SAG win all over again.

That’s so Optimus Prime.

Check out the pretty cool moment below and let us know if you’re still a Transformers fan or if the film series done tired you out at this point in the comments section below.

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