Death Threats Force Polish Woman Who Claims To Be Madeleine McCann To Go Into Hiding

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Dr. Johansson said Wendell’s entire family has turned their backs on her — and her biological parents are refusing to submit to a DNA test.

The duo resorted to digging up a 2018 criminal complaint Wendell filed against the man who allegedly raped her to see if he is linked to McCann’s kidnapping. Wendell later withdrew the complaint after her mom reportedly told her to “keep her mouth shut” because they would both end up dead if she mentioned the alleged assault.

In 2012, the same creep was released from a Polish prison after serving 2.5 years in prison for molestation, according to court documents posted on Wendell’s Instagram page.

“Right now, Julia is stable despite all the excitement over the past couple of days,” Dr. Johansson said. “She is still very concerned about her safety. She has trust issues and it’s all coming out now because of the trauma she endured as a child and the neglect she dealt with from her parents.”

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