ChatGPT gives sick child-sex-abuse answer, breaking its own rules

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ChatGPT gives sick child sex abuse answer, breaking its own rules

Despite rules and ethical guidelines put in place, users are still finding ways to manipulate ChatGPT.

Writing about hardcore and disturbing taboo sex — only after a user “jailbreaks” ChatGPT, often through a set of loophole-like commands to void its boundaries — is something it “often complies [to] without protest,” author Steph Maj Swanson wrote.“From there, the user can repeatedly ask to escalate the intensity of its BDSM scenes and describe them in more detail.”

APAt that point, ChatGPT’s boundaries are few and far between, the Vice reporter found.“ChatGPT described a group of strangers, including children, lined up use the chatbot as a toilet. When asked to explain, the bot apologized and wrote that it was inappropriate for such scenarios to involve children. That apology instantly vanished. Ironically, the offending scenario remained on-screen.”

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