California officers search for inmate who walked away from San Diego facility

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California officers search for inmate who walked away from San Diego facility

Inmate Cynthia Baker, 31, walked away from a San Diego reentry facility on Saturday, authorities say. Baker was convicted of assault and sentenced for three years in prison.

California authorities are searching forwho walked away from a reentry facility on Saturday.Cynthia Baker, 31, wasconvicted of assaultwith force likely to produce great bodily injury. She was sentenced for three years in prison and moved to a reentry facility.

She was reported missing from the Custody to Community Transitional Reentry Program at around 9:45 p.m. on Saturday night.Officials received a notice from Baker’s monitoring device altering that she was not in the facility.Cynthia Baker, 31, was convicted of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.

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San Diego County Sheriff Kelly Martinez Reacts to In-Custody Jail Death Ruled a HomicideLonnie Rupard’s death in a San Diego jail cell has been ruled a homicide. His death came just one month after a state audit found the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department was not doing enough to prevent inmate deaths. It’s a shame how the San Diego news outlets are not pressing the sheriff for her role. As the previous under Sherriff she was a big part of the failed leadership that lead to so many deaths.

San Diego County will pay almost $8 million to man gravely injured in sheriff’s custodyBut the settlement with Frankie Greer does not resolve a broader dispute over the release of internal sheriff’s records. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department is a deadly disgrace. Don’t do crime you live longer.

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Man Sentenced for Causing Crash That Killed Former San Diego Harbor Police Chief’s WifeA man who was towing a boat in Jamul that detached from a trailer and crashed into a car driven by the wife of then-interim San Diego Harbor Police Chief Kirk Nichols, killing her, was sentenced Friday to four years in state prison. That’s major B.S. !!! HAS ANYONE EVER DEAL WITH TOWING A TRAILER ( chains , locks & the hitch dose break often !) Why his going to jail for 4 years ? Farce usa!*13

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