880 Migrants Found Dead by Border Patrol in FY22 Shatters Prior Records

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A Border Patrol report reveals that agents discovered the bodies or remains of 880 migrants in Fiscal Year 2022. The total makes FY22 the deadliest year on record for migrant deaths at the southwest border.

A Border Patrol report obtained by the Washington Examiner reveals that agents discovered the remains of 880 migrants in Fiscal Year 2022.

FY 2017 — 298The 880 deaths reported in FY22 shatter the record that was established just one year earlier when Border Patrol reports reveal the recovered bodies or remains of 568 migrants. FY21 began on October 1, 2020, and includes the first eight months of the Biden administration. The total for these two years (1,448) exceeds the total of the four prior fiscal years (1,133) covered by the Trump administration.

The spike in migrant deaths in FY21-22 coincides with the record-shattering years for migrant apprehension during the same time period. During these two years, agents apprehended more than 4.1 million migrants along the southwest border.

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