China plans 7.2% defence spending rise this year, faster than GDP target By Reuters

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China plans 7.2% defence spending rise this year, faster than GDP target

The national budget released on Sunday showed 1.55 trillion yuan ($224 billion) allocated to military spending.”Our armed forces, with a focus on the goals for the centenary of the People’s Liberation Army in 2027, should work to carry out military operations, boost combat preparedness and enhance military capabilities,” he said in the state-of-the-nation address to the largely rubber-stamp legislature.

Beijing is nervous about challenges on fronts ranging from Chinese-claimed Taiwan to U.S. naval and air missions in the disputed South China Sea near Chinese-occupied islands.


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T-55 That’s just on paper, much more unreported Buying Gold like no tomorrow, increasing defence budget Something big is coming ! They’re cooking 😳 Bad times are ahead

China plans 7.2% defence spending rise this year, faster than GDP targetChina will boost defence spending by 7.2% this year, slightly outpacing last year’s increase and faster than the government’s modest economic growth forecast, as Premier Li Keqiang called for the armed forces to boost combat preparedness. goodnews Maybe it’s because the terrorist U.S. government is publicly preparing to attack. Is that plane wearing pajamas or did the pilot take it low and crashed it in to a giraffe?

China sets GDP target of ‘around 5%’ for 2023This year, the Two Sessions is also set to formalize government titles for the new premier, vice premiers and heads of different ministries. All the trade war and economic sanctions against China and they still have a 5% growth… shouldn’t the US at least try to work with China instead of confrontation? If the CCP sets the GDP target they usually attain it. Real estate development accounts for 30% of CN’s GDP. CN’s current housing affordability is 35x income per capita (US housing affordability is 4.5x). I will wait…

How Xi Jinping Plans to Bolster Confidence in China After Covid MisstepsThe annual session of the largely ceremonial National People’s Congress is aimed at conveying the ruling Communist Party’s confidence and inspiring national unity. “Covid missteps”? That rich coming from a country that protects one of the key criminals. Fauci. Clown-world ! What a bunch of propaganda. And if you say that in china you will be missing

China plans robotic spacecraft to collect asteroid samples, claims reportThe Chinese government is going forward with a plan to send a robotic spacecraft to collect samples from an asteroid located close to Earth called the 2016 HO3.

European stocks ride China optimism, euro zone yields at highsEuropean stocks rose in early trading on Friday, as investor risk appetite was boosted by signs of an economic recovery in China, even after expectations for European Central Bank rate hikes kept government bond yields at their highest in years.

European stocks rise on Fed relief, China demand reboundEuropean shares rose on Friday, as hopes that the U.S. Federal Reserve could adopt a measured approach for rate hikes ahead lifted technology stocks, while miners jumped on growing bets of demand recovery in China.

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