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February 9, 2023



Last year, Phoebe Bridgers was in the UK playing Glastonbury upon the tragic news of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. “Who wants to say ‘F*ck the Supreme Court’ on three?” she said onstage to the crowd, leading a controversial chant. Now, she called for another one while in Australia, this time for Margaret Court.

Performing at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, she had to address that the famous tennis player is homophobic. “So, Margaret Court,” Bridgers said. “F*ck that stupid-ass, dumbass b*tch. F*ck that stupid c*nt. Change your name!” She then prompted a chant: “F*ck Margaret Court!”

She added, “I think hate is undervalued. I think it’s like a f*cking weird, white supremacist idea that hate is bad, or something? You know what I mean? It’s like hate is what moves things throughout history. I hate that stupid b*tch! Hate is like how you protect yourself. What, are you never supposed to be angry, ever?”

Phoebe Bridgers saying “fuck that stupid cunt” about Margaret Court at Margaret Court Arena at her Melbourne show tonight

icon fr “i think hate is undervalued”

i don’t even know who margaret court is

— chrystal christie🫀 (@ChrystalChristi) February 8, 2023

Meanwhile the “Kyoto” singer is preparing for the release of The Record, her album in the supergroup Boygenius, whose other members are Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker. The singles “$20,” “True Blue,” and “Emily I’m Sorry” are out now.


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