League of Legends Ahri ASU release date

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League of Legends Ahri ASU release date

Riot Games announced Ahris’ Art and Sustainability Update (ASU) last year, which would bring her higher quality skins and an improved base champion art design. League of Legends players were excited about an ASU for Caitlyn that was released in late 2021, which notably improved her character model and skins.

After almost a year of waiting, Riot was finally ready to release ASU just a few weeks into January. This plan didn’t go through as there was a social engineering attack that delayed the ASU release by a few patches.

With this unfortunate release date delay, players are wondering when the ASU will be available for in-game testing.

Quick update, player. The team has completed a hotfix that will include much of the content planned for Patch 13.2. It will go live on January 26th, but unfortunately we can’t include the Ahri ASU and some other things that we will postpone to patch 13.3 (February 8th).

— League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) January 24, 2023

The Ahri ASU will be available when Patch 13.3 comes out, which will also include the usual champion and item balance updates. According to the official League of Legends Twitter account, Ahri ASU and patch 13.3 should be released in a few weeks on February 8th. After Patch 13.3, patch updates should be back to normal, appearing every two weeks.

Players are excited to test Ahri’s new visuals as they’ve been waiting for almost a year to see what it looks like.

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