Warzone 2 players beg for Self Revive nerfs

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Warzone 2 players aren’t too happy with the game’s self revive system and are calling for some major changes.

As the latest iteration of one of the most popular battle royales out there, Warzone 2 brought many exciting and promising changes. Some were welcomed, others felt like a mistake from the start. According to some players, the self-revive system is one of the latter.

In a battle royale, the idea of ​​a self revive feels odd, and one that might just be trying to prolong the game and cause trouble in opponents. The new changes to the looting system will also allow players to stack self revives, meaning they can pick themselves up from a downed state multiple times in a match.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with the broader player base, and many have since urged the developers to make some much-needed nerfs.

A Reddit user posted a clip detailing exactly why so many are struggling with the self-resusc system.

In the clip, a player managed to use a series of self revives late in the game after taking out an enemy. Despite being deep in the gas cloud and even on the ground, the player was able to stay alive long enough to claim victory by using self revive one at a time.

Since this player was completely out of sight of any opponent, they were able to pull off the move without much difficulty.

One commenter expressed his anger, saying, “Such a simple solution, just limit the number of self-results you can include to 1.”

Others were unconvinced by the proposal and replied, “No. This discourages teamwork and picking things up for your buddies. It makes more sense to have a cooldown. Even a 10-20 second cooldown solves the problem without breaking the concept of picking up loot for a teammate.”

It’s clear that something needs to be fixed with the self-revive system, but whether Raven Software or Infinity Ward will come up with some suitable changes remains to be seen.

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