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January 25, 2023



There will be few people who will argue with the proposition that South Africa’s citizens are under enormous pressure because of our financial and societal problems – never mind individual mental health issues.

This manifests in increasing anger and increasing venting of that anger through violence and road rage, as well as a general collapse of basic human decency and manners.

But it is refreshing that there are people out there who believe it doesn’t have to be that way … and who want to help take us back to the basics of humanity and towards a caring, giving nation.

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One of these is Joburg butchery owner and radio presenter Henceford Khoza, featured on our pages today and whose hopes is in non-profit organisation the Global Institute of Emotional and Mental Wellness South Africa (GIMWA).

GIMWA has been operating since 2019, and it already employs a full-time social worker, has a network of support services available and a helpline that anyone in crisis can call, almost anytime.

Khoza says we should “bring back family values, bring back a loving spirit among each other, because we need each other at the end of the day”.

That is not a bad way to start, we think.


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