Dwyane Wade Fires Back At Ex-Wife’s Attempt To Block Their 15-Year-Old Trans Daughter’s Gender Change

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In response, Siohvaughn accused Dwyane of violating their custody deal. She submitted a copy of the agreement which had a provision that said Dwyane shall discuss with and obtain input from his ex on “the major decisions affecting the care, welfare, activities, health, education, and religious upbringing of their two children.” The agreement does not state he needs permission from Siohvaughn.

The divorce order said that Dwyane was to keep Siohvaughn informed of “all doctors, nurses, health care providers, and mental health providers treating the minor children whether on a continuing basis or in connection with an isolated issue.” Again, the deal did not state the ex-NBA star had to obtain approval for any medical decision over their children.

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