Content Creator Daelan Managapit Builds YouTube Empire

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Content creation is one of the fastest-rising career paths. With the widespread adoption of social media and the exponential rise of the video-sharing platform YouTube, many are inspired to pursue a career as an influencer.

Filipino Content Creator Daelan Mangapit (born June 5, 1999) is one of the most successful personalities on the YouTube platform, with over 100,000 subscribers. More remarkable, the Silver Play Button holder created his digital empire while being a college student and working full-time.

Daelan’s journey to success is inspiring. Before hitting 100,000 subscribers, the 23-year-old YouTuber uploaded videos weekly and live-streamed every weekend. If he was not uploading content, he was busy networking, brainstorming video ideas, or learning new video editing techniques.

Daelan would also frequently engage with his audience by liking and replying to every person who commented on his videos. On Instagram, he replied to all his fans’ direct messages. These actions created a personalized connection with his audience, significantly contributing to his channel’s massive growth.

However, it was not a linear rise to the top. Sometimes Daelan stumbled and did not see the progress he had hoped for. “There were months where I averaged 35,000 views a video, then the next month, I was only averaging 20,000,” he says. Fortunately, Daelan is a self-motivated individual with a relentless passion for the content creation space. He took the decline in views as motivation to improve the quality of his videos and the frequency of his uploads.

When asked what traits enabled him to succeed in the digital space, Daelan believes it was his consistency. For one, consistency allowed him to gain essential experience in content creation. “By constantly producing videos, I learned how to be a better editor, writer, and speaker. This translated into the quality of my videos getting better over time. Obviously, the more you do something, the better you get at doing it,” Daelan says.

Secondly, consistency allowed Daelan to receive necessary constructive feedback from his audience. “The more videos I uploaded, the more feedback I got. I got to understand better what made my subscribers interested in my videos and what made some of them disinterested. I would then incorporate their feedback into my upcoming videos to improve them,” Daelan adds.

Lastly, consistency allowed Daelan to stay relevant in the YouTube algorithm. “In social media, people have short attention spans. In order to keep people engaged, you have to keep creating content, or they will forget about you and lose interest in your channel,” he notes.

One cannot deny the benefit of Daelan’s unwavering consistency because, by 2022, he achieved an impressive total of 100,000 subscribers. A dream for many content creators.

Although Daelan already has a massive number of supporters behind him, he hopes to scale his YouTube channel even more to have millions of subscribers. Additionally, he wants to further establish his presence on Instagram by growing his account to have hundreds of thousands of followers. Daelan remains dedicated to keeping his audience entertained with compelling and captivating content.

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