Why top U.S. officials don’t want to give Ukraine tanks

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The three US officials said Berlin has tried to put the U.S. on the spot about sending Abrams tanks, and there has been frustration within the Biden admin. with Germany over the back and forth. The officials insist the German pressure is not going to work.

Officials say both Defense Secretary Austin and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Milley are against sending tanks, and there is frustration in the Biden administration with Germany’s push.

, the Pentagon’s top leaders are against sending them, three U.Deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton refused to say Thursday whether the White House will cooperate with House oversight committee inquiries into classified documents found at Joe Biden’s home and think tank.at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to discuss further military aid for Ukraine.Jan.

S.officials said.”There are two standards of justice in our country: One for people like you and me, and one of which there are many,” Trump said in a video posted on Donald Trump Jr.The German government signaled it may send its own Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine if the U.It’s a key piece of equipment for more than a dozen European militaries, plus Canada and Turkey.S.In Trump’s first video appearance since Biden’s attorneys”unexpectedly” discovered the first batch of at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.also agrees to send Ukraine the M1 Abrams, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz insisting Germany will only act in concert with allies.Continue reading your article with a WSJ membership.

The three U., the former president compared the two special counsel investigations.Tanks are heavier and more powerful than infantry fighting vehicles, and they’re meant to engage other tanks and break through enemy lines.S.officials said Berlin has tried to put the U..S.That decision lies with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.on the spot about sending Abrams tanks, and there has been frustration within the Biden administration with Germany over the back and forth.right on the floor, piles of paper.

The officials insist the German pressure is not going to work.Jan.”Yet while I’m being persecuted by a Trump-hating Special Counsel…Joe Biden, in the meantime, is being given white glove treatment by an establishment hack who tried to cover up the Russia hoax.Advertisement Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Wednesday night his country would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to its eastern neighbor, with or without Germany’s approval.20, 2023 03:19 At the same time, the officials said President Joe Biden would not pressure Germany to send the Leopard tanks to Ukraine.Asked Friday about sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine, Biden was noncommittal.Biden speaks at the former Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, Massachusetts, on July 20, 2022.“Ukraine is going to get all the help they need,” he said.” Why has Germany been reluctant to send military aid historically? Germany’s long-standing reticence to wade into foreign conflicts stems from norms and policies built on guilt over World War II.

But both Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen.(Getty Images) Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents months after officials discovered the classified documents at the Penn Center on Nov.Mark Milley have recommended against sending M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the three U.S.Garland tapped Robert Hur, a former U.But some analysts reject this interpretation , pointing to the significant resources West Germany poured into building up its army and its hosting of U.officials said.Milley and Austin have cited how long it takes to train personnel to operate the tanks and how difficult the tanks are to maintain.attorney, to handle the investigation.

They also have argued they are not the right vehicles for the fight in Ukraine right now, according to the officials.Germany in 2014 sent rocket-propelled grenades to Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State in Iraq, which was targeting the Yazidi ethnic minority group.One U..S.official said Austin has argued the training to operate and maintain the tanks would take months, and even though the Ukrainians have proven adept at learning many new platforms, he continues to resist sending the Abrams.Advertisement The war in Ukraine put Berlin in an especially uncomfortable position, since Germany — once politically and geographically split between the Soviet bloc and the West — has maintained closer ties to Russia than many peers.A Polish Leopard tank takes part in a military exercise in Nowogard, Poland, on May 19, 2022.

Wojtek Radwanski / AFP – Getty Images file Two U.S.Scholz’s party, the Social Democrats, is seen as having maintained an especially sympathetic posture toward Moscow.officials also noted that Ukraine already has hundreds of tanks at its disposal and over the past year has captured hundreds of Russian tanks on the battlefield and added those to its inventory.On Friday, Pentagon press secretary Brig.Gen.Advertisement “Zeitenwende” — or “turning of an era” — as he announced Germany would arm Ukraine directly and authorize other countries with German-made weapons to do so.

Patrick Ryder declined to comment on Austin and Milley’s views on the matter, saying in a statement that their comments at Ramstein Air Base in Germany about U.S.tanks “speak for themselves.Berlin’s weapons transfers to date signal it intends to take up a more prominent role in European security and defense, said Aylin Matlé, a defense policy expert at the German Council on Foreign Relation.We’re not going to have anything additional to provide.” Austin hosted the Ukraine Contact Group at Ramstein, a meeting of nearly 50 nations to discuss aid and contributions to Ukraine.

During public remarks Friday, Austin appeared to allude to what U.Advertisement In the past, though, after pressure mounted and partners, particularly the United States and France, announced their own arms deliveries, Berlin has followed suit.S.officials said his position has been privately — that he does not see tanks as critical to the current fight in Ukraine and that they can’t be brought on line right away.Austin deflected a question about tanks by saying, “What we’re really focused on is making sure that Ukraine has the capability that it needs to be successful right now.” The German arms industry has been in decline in recent years, so supply issues may also be a concern, Matlé said.” “We have a window of opportunity here.

You know, between now and the spring when I, you know, whenever they commence their operation, their counteroffensive.And that’s not a long time.To give the green light, Scholz told President Biden on a call this week that he would want the United States to commit to sending its own M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine as well,.And we have to pull together the right capabilities.” At the end of the meetings Friday, the Germans did not announce they would send Leopard tanks to Ukraine.Ukrainian military leaders have said they need 300 tanks to break through Russian defenses.The Biden administration is preparing to announce a roughly $2.

“In order for us to defeat the Russian Federation, we absolutely need tanks,” said Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.“The fact is that the question of which weapon is needed is determined by the military.It is the military that insists that tanks and heavy artillery are crucial today.S.” Jan.17, 2023 06:15 Danilov said that Ukrainian troops would learn to “master” the use of new tanks “in a month, because we are in a state of war.

… [W]e learn very quickly on any equipment that helps us destroy the enemy.Loveday Morris, Dan Lamothe, Annabelle Chapman, Isaac Stanley-Becker and Karen DeYoung contributed to this report.” “As soon as the decision is made and the tanks are provided, we will conduct training very quickly and, believe me, they will be used with the incredible power that this or that weapon has.We have already proved it many times.” Strykers, Bradleys, MRAPs Others in the U.S.

government besides Milley and Austin also appear dug in on not sending the Abrams tanks.A spokesperson for the National Security Council echoed some of the concerns U.S.officials have been stressing privately, saying the Abrams tanks are “very expensive to operate, very expensive to fuel, very expensive to maintain, and [require] a lot of training.” Instead of Abrams tanks, Milley and Austin have advocated to send armored vehicles, including Strykers, Bradleys, MRAPs and others.

“These provide strategic flexibility while being able to move troops around the battlefield,” the U.S.official said, and the armor provides protection from Russian attacks.A U.S.

Abrams tank at the training grounds in Nowa Deba, Poland, on Sept.21, 2022.Artur Widak / AP file U.S.officials said opposition within the Biden administration to sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine is not due to concerns Russia would see the move as escalatory.

Boris Pistorius, the new German defense minister, similarly denied that Germany’s hesitancy is based on concerns about Russian retaliation.He said Germany is still weighing its decision, is ready to move quickly if there is an agreement with allies and would make a decision “as soon as possible.” “We don’t fear anything,” Pistorius said.“We have just a responsibility for our population in Germany and in Europe and we have to balance all the pros and cons before we decide things like that.” He added, “And I’m very sure that there will be a decision in a short time but I don’t know when and I don’t know how the decision will look.

” Last week,.

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German officials insist the US pressure is not going to work

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