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January 21, 2023



Last night, Msaki shared a note on socials announcing that she’s taking a break seemingly from both music and social media. She cited bullying which she says shouldn’t be normalised the way it has. She admitted to being a sensitive person and said she doesn’t expect everyone to understand her decision. 

“The same sensitivity where the songs come from is the same sensitivity that can’t handle this callus badgering and normalisation of bullying,” she wrote. “Allow me to take my leave for my wholeness. Please remember me as the one who said we are not meant to take this even if it comes with the territory. I stand for them as I leave. We need to love more. Please don’t push people to the edge and only have empathy after they become a static. Be kind to my colleagues, we are just people. We need more gentleness and grace for each other. Please can we change.” 

Last year November, Sunday World reported that 5FM presenter Smash Afrika’s wife, Kefiloe Mdutyulwa, who is the daughter of actress Rami Chuene, had accused her husband of cheating on her with Msaki. Social media ran with the story and Msaki was on the receiving end of cyberattacks as a result.    

The “ Fetch Your Life” hit maker recently sat down with MacG and Sol Phenduka for an interview on Podcast & Chill where, among other things, she broke down her frustrations about being reduced to a home wrecker by the internet. 

“There’s a grater ill where just a catfish can wake up and say, ‘ubani slept with ubani’, we legitimise that nonsense, go and abuse that person for two days, they trend, and somehow we’ve made that normal,” she said during the episode. 

In her statement shared on socials, Msaki said she will honour her remaining commitments and will share her final gig guide before going away. 

Read the full statement below: 


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