Joe Manchin has helped steer millions in federal funds to groups linked to his wife

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Joe Manchin has helped steer millions in federal funds to groups linked to his wife

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has helped divert millions of dollars in federal funds to organizations associated with his wife Gayle Manchin in recent years.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law , which Sen.Manchin-guaranteed federal funds benefited three organizations where the senator’s wife worked, according to a report from Fox Business.01/19/2023 10:01 AM EST Link Copied DAVOS, Switzerland — When French President Emmanuel Macron visited Washington late last year, he hunted down the key architect of the new American trade and energy policies he loathed.the TRUST Act in 2021, calling the bill”important and vital.

Manchin had co-sponsored and championed.After the Senate passed the legislation, Manchin celebrated the billions of dollars that would be sent to West Virginia-based initiatives, but didn’t mention the ARC funding.The Department of Agriculture awarded Bethany College, where Manchin’s wife served as a trustee from 2012 until 2021, with $39.”As a result of the positive impact of ARC’s work in the region to support economic and community development, the Commission has received strong bipartisan support from Members of United States Senate and House of Representatives in recent years,” ARC spokesperson Janiene Bohannon told FOX Business.“You’re hurting my country,” Macron told Manchin, the senator recounted in an interview with POLITICO.In April 2018, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded Bethany College, a West Virginia school where Gayle Manchin served as a trustee between 2012 and 2021, with $39.In the press release announcing the loans, the school specifically thanked both West Virginia senators and then-Rep.6 million in loans under its Rural Development program.Alex Lawson, the executive director of Social Security Works, told Common Dreams that President Joe Biden should”reiterate his commitment to only signing a clean debt limit increase, and specifically rule out a closed-door commission designed to cut Social Security,” in response to the West Virginia Democrat’s comments.

In an announcement, Bethany College President Tamara Nichols Rodenberg said the funds, which were to be used to improve the college’s facilities, were a “game-changer for an institution of our size.The agency also gave Reconnecting McDowell, a project Manchin’s wife has been affiliated with since 2011, a $250,000 grant in 2019.5376 (117) , which included a mammoth program of clean-energy subsidies and made-in-America manufacturing rules that has thrown the transatlantic economic relationship into turmoil.” Sen.Joe Manchin walks with his wife Gayle Manchin at the U.Manchin is expected to face a difficult reelection bid should he choose to run in 2024.S.The gulf in political and cultural sensibilities could scarcely have been starker.Capitol on Feb.Jim Justice, are considering challenging him.4 trillion debt ceiling on Thursday, prompting the Treasury Department to begin implementing” extraordinary measures ” to ensure it can continue meeting its obligations as it awaits congressional action.

4, 2020.(Alex Edelman/Getty Images / Getty Images) Bethany College also specifically thanked Sen.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER The Washington Examiner reached out to Manchin’s office for comment.He has been in one mode and one mode only here: sell, baby, sell.Manchin and West Virginia Republicans such as Rep.David McKinley and Sen.Shelley Moore Capito, saying they assisted the school in the loan application process and “were instrumental in helping to secure the USDA funding.In Washington, Manchin is among the most famous members of Congress.” Failure to raise the debt limit—an arbitrary and.

” “As was announced via this April 2018 press release, Bethany College received a significant loan from the [USDA’s] rural development program because it met the criteria stipulated by the USDA,” Bethany College said in a statement to FOX Business.”The college worked tirelessly with USDA staff for several years to complete the rigorous application process and provide the department with all the information it required to evaluate the college’s eligibility.” BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE BILL INCLUDES $1B FOR COMMISSION RUN BY MANCHIN’S WIFE The college added that it was “customary” to keep state and federal policymakers informed about its efforts to secure the loan, which it said has proven instrumental in maintaining the college’s status as the oldest degree-granting college in the state and a “significant employer” in the region.They are getting plenty of it.”Bethany’s Board of Trustees was – and remains – supportive of the effort to secure the USDA loan,” the college added.Sen.

Manchin, who has for years been an advocate for the , helped author the Inflation Reduction Act in August that appropriated billions of dollars in funding for the program.He said he explained that the IRA is good for the U.Sen.Joe Manchin watches as President Biden signs the Inflation Reduction Act in August.(Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via Getty Images / Getty Images) In addition, in 2019, USDA awarded Reconnecting McDowell – a rural community development project in West Virginia that Gayle Manchin has worked on in various leadership roles since 2011 – a $250,000 grant.Did he convince anyone? Not really, he said, but he made his case.USDA said the grant would be put toward the group’s mobile farmers market program serving 10-15 communities and would return $125,000 in sales to local growers and small producers over three years.

The grant was one of 49 grants USDA awarded under its Farmers Market Promotion Program on Dec.6, 2019.The incentives would prove damaging to Germany and Europe and eventually spark a trade war, Scholz added.The program had been reauthorized and expanded through the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act, which Sen.Manchin voted for.After the legislation was passed, Manchin said it would “make a huge difference” in West Virginia.Manchin said that Scholz countered that the U.

JOE MANCHIN’S GROWING GOP CHALLENGER FIELD MAY SPELL TROUBLE FOR HIS RE-ELECTION “Reconnecting McDowell is a shining example of what can be done to reinvigorate a rural community ravaged by decades of economic devastation when a wide array of partners from the public, corporate, nonprofit and foundation worlds, plus the community itself, come together,” Leah Daughtry, the director of Reconnecting McDowell, told FOX Business.”Reconnecting McDowell received two separate USDA grants unrelated to the apartment building,” Daughtry added, referring to its separate Renaissance Village project.”One was for the mobile farmers market program, and the other was for a farm-to-school initiative, both of which have received glowing reviews by the USDA.So the West Virginian pulled out his cellphone and Googled “tariff cost on autos in Germany.” She said the group has not taken “one penny” in administrative fees from federal agencies.”The only other federal grant that Reconnecting McDowell was awarded was a $65,000 grant for equipment for the restaurant on the first floor of Renaissance Village,” Daughtry said.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten speaks at an event on June 22 in Washington, D.” A German government spokesman called Scholz’s conversation with Manchin and the other 11 lawmakers on the IRA a “direct exchange” that was “an expression of our close and good relationship with the USA.C.(Alex Wong/Getty Images / Getty Images) Sen.Manchin and his wife appeared at a Reconnecting McDowell event last June.That’s it.During the event, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) , one of the largest U.

S.teachers unions and the organization that started Reconnecting McDowell, announced it had submitted a proposal to the USDA to extend funding for its mobile farmers market program through 2025.), the leader of the American congressional delegation in Davos, said the conversation with Scholz on the IRA was cordial and professional.Over the past several years, Sen.Manchin has also announced he had helped direct National Endowment for the Arts grants to the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra (WVSO).The WVSO rents performance space from the Clay Center in Charleston, West Virginia, where Gayle Manchin has served as a director since mid-2018.“We have work to do to hear each other.

In May 2019, Sen.Manchin announced a $20,000 grant for the WVSO; in June 2021, Sen.Manchin announced the WVSO had received a $10,000 grant; and, in May 2022, he announced the WVSO received a $15,000 grant.Manchin never heard from lobbies or governments about the controversial part of the law because his team drafted it in secret.Moore Capito had also championed the grants in separate releases.GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE In February 2022, Sen.

Manchin announced the WVSO had received a separate $100,000 grant as a result of the American Rescue Plan.“They just didn’t know,” Manchin said — but they know now.At the time, the WVSO said it would use the funds to “save jobs and to fund operations and facilities, health and safety supplies, and marketing and promotional efforts to encourage attendance and participation.” “Gayle Manchin does not serve on the Board of the Symphony, and the Clay Center is a separate nonprofit,” Joe Tackett, the president of the WVSO, told FOX Business.”We rent the performance space from the Clay Center, as we do many spaces around the state.A few weeks later, her team was openly panicking about the IRA’s measures, particularly regarding subsidies on electric vehicles which it regarded as discriminatory.” The Clay Center didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.


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Getting rich off the tax payers! The American dream. If Joe didn’t vote for the 1.7T Inflation Bill, they were gonna blow the whistle on Joe. They blew it, anyway! That’s who they are. That’s what they do. Poor Joe.

Manchin steered millions in federal spending to groups where his wife worked: ReportSen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) reportedly steered millions in government funds toward organizations linked to his wife, Gayle Manchin. Sen_JoeManchin Can you say politician? Sen_JoeManchin How about his daughter? It’s what he does.

Joe Manchin, Davos salesmanJoe Manchin has one focus at the World Economic Forum: Persuade Europeans to stop worrying and love the Inflation Reduction Act. Has he convinced anyone? Not really, he said, but he’s making his case. It has nothing to do with them. It’s our laws. If they don’t like it. Not our problem. The act that does everything but reduce inflation

Advocates Say ‘Hell No’ as Manchin Pitches Social Security Deal With GOPOne advocate urged President Joe Biden to ‘reiterate his commitment to only signing a clean debt limit increase, and specifically rule out a closed-door commission designed to cut Social Security.’ SSWorks alaw202 Of course he is SSWorks alaw202 If they take mine, when my time comes at it will be soon, I vow to die on his doorstep. SSWorks alaw202 Sen_JoeManchin You make any moves to cut social security..Americans will make sure you are kicked to the curb..Seniors,Disabled,Veterans will not vote for you or any other republican..promise

‘You’re hurting my country’: Manchin faces Europe’s wrathAllies like France and Germany see the Inflation Reduction Act’s investment in energy security as an assault on European industry aimed at coercing companies to shift investments toward North America. Manchin is determined to change their minds. Lol they’re vessels of the US so what did they expect? 🤷‍♂️ His last hurrah. He will not get re-elected Of course that’s what it’s meant to do.

Manchin links Ukraine war to Inflation Reduction ActSen. Joe Manchin III on Thursday attributed Russia’s war against Ukraine for giving birth to the Inflation Reduction Act, a trimmed-down version of President Biden’s tax-and-climate-spending agenda that the West Virginia Democrat previously rejected.

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