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January 21, 2023



Ariana Grande posted a brand new TikTok that certainly has fans talking. After months of an online discussion about whether Grande was stepping away from being a pop singer, she’s now clearing things up for everyone.

“wHy Are’NT yOu A sInGer AnyMoRee?!?!?” the text in the video reads. Grande also notes that she’s “literally on set filming two musical movies all day every day,” referencing her work on the upcoming Wicked adaptation.

However, while in the middle of getting ready and hiding her character Glinda’s hairstyle over a pink robe, Grande shared a singing clip with fans as a treat.

“wanted to sing you a little something but don’t want to sing anything that is not ‘Ozian’ at the moment :),” Grande captioned the video. “keeping to my little bubble for now … done with lots of love.”

She sure delivers, as her cover of The Wizard Of Oz’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” shows off Grande’s controlled and impressive vocal technique.

Kristin Chenoweth, who first played Glinda in the Broadway version of Wicked, dropped a “LOVE THIS” reply.

Others also wrote in, expressing their love for the cover. “She said in case y’all forgot I’m classically trained,” one fan commented.

Continue scrolling for some fan reactions to Ariana Grande’s new TikTok.


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