Dev Error 657 Warzone 2 Explained: How To Fix It

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Dev Error 657 Warzone 2 Explained: How To Fix It

Players logging into Warzone 2 lately have been facing Dev Error 657. But what is it and how to fix it?

It’s still early for Warzone 2, which launched on November 16, 2022. The Battle Royale sequel has seen a healthy player count in the few days it’s been live. In the first five days, over 25 million players have immersed themselves in the game. To add more perspective, the original Warzone reached around 15 million players in the first three days.

But while things were brisk, Warzone 2 wasn’t without its problems. As with most live service games, errors and bugs have crept in – many of which were fixed by Raven Software in a recent patch.

But an error seems to have popped up in the wake: Dev Error 657.

🪂 Warzone 2.0 is LIVE worldwide NOW!

🫡 See you in Al Mazrah!

– Raven Software (@RavenSoftware) November 16, 2022

While the exact meaning of Dev Error 657 in Warzone 2 is not clear, it appears to be due to certain files being missing or the game needing an update. Given that a patch was only deployed two days ago, making sure to update the game to the latest iteration should fix the issues.

Check if your game is fully updated. A restart of your system may be required to complete the changes.

For more information on the bug fixes in this latest update, see our full patch notes. Dev Error 657 Warzone 2 Explained: How To Fix It

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