Kevin Bacon Reveals His Darkest Six Degrees of Separation Yet

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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon goes all the way back to Abraham Lincoln.

Kevin Bacon is no stranger to the viral Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon phenomenon, but, as he exclusively shared with E! News, there’s a person he’s apparently connected to that came as quite the shock.

“One of the most interesting ones I ever saw—this is pretty dark—was that somebody connected me to John Wilkes Booth, who was the guy that assassinated Abraham Lincoln,” Kevin shared, “because he was an actor and he was in a play with someone who was in a silent film and then the connections continued from that point on. So, it was six degrees all the way back to John Wilkes Booth.”

You may be scratching your head in disbelief that Kevin somehow ties back to 1865. The viral game, which is based on the theory that all humans are connected by six social connections or less, challenges players to connect Kevin to another familiar face in the industry through mutual costars in as few connections as possible.

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