Jharkhand to train 1 lakh cyber security professionals to tackle Jamtara cybercriminals

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Cyber groomingJharkhand will train one lakh cybersecurity professionals to thwart the Jamtra cybercriminals gangs, the Jharkhand government has announced. During a workshop at the Jharkhand Technical University, it was announced that the Department of Higher and Technical Education in partnership with Jharkhand Technical University and Cyber Vidyapeeth Foundation is looking to train over one lakh cyber fighters in the coming 5 years.

Online ‘Cyber Vidyapeeth’ has been started with the goal to develop the state as a cyber defence corridor. It was announced that the cyber fighters would be the most important part of the corridor.

To achieve this target, cyber security skill courses have been started in the state’s Vinoba Bhave University and Cyber Vidyapeeth Foundation.

Shashank S. Garudayar, chairman of Cyber Vidyapeeth Foundation, said that excellent career prospects would be available for the youth trained in the cyber protection course.

He added that the sector had a shortage of talent with a need for 3.1 million cyber trainers and 60 million cyber professionals worldwide.

The initiative in Jharkhand is a step in this direction, said Garudyar.

He stated the possibility of the area being developed into a cyber defence business hub.

Jharkhand is a ‘focus state’ in the field of cyber security, as the Jamtara module remains a challenge for the entire country.

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