Angry mob attacks female tourist for dancing on Mayan pyramid in Mexico

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Woman dances on Mayan pyramid

Woman dances on Mayan pyramid

A female tourist climbed and danced on a Mayan pyramid in Mexico and faced the immediate wrath of locals.

The unidentified woman, who is thought to be a Spanish national, sparked a huge outrage on Monday when she bypassed all rules and procedures and climbed the Mayan Temple of Kukulcán in Chichén Itzá.

Annoyed by her shocking conduct, an angry mob poured water on her, hurled insults and demanded she be arrested immediately. It is reported that she was even attacked by some people for hurting the sentiments of locals by climbing the scared temple.

The footage shared online showed the woman climbing the structure despite yells of protests from onlookers below the pyramid.

Some got really agitated when the tourist performed a little dance after reaching the top.

As she waved her arms in celebration, a person at the bottom of the stairs was seen requesting her to come down.

There were loud jeers from groups of tourists who were observing her antics from the ground.

Toward the end of the clip, the angry mob is seen surrounding the woman as she attempted to pass through. Some threw water at her from bottles.

According to reports, the woman was ushered down from the pyramid by security officials from the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). She was escorted safely out of the area even as enraged locals booed her continuously.

Another video shared online shows a woman dressed in yellpw pulling the tourist’s hair as she was being escorted away.

Logran bajar a Mujer que se subió a la Piramide en Chichen-Itza obstruyendo la ley, es detenida y la abuchean😱.

— ANI (@ANI) Nov 21, 2022Other people thronged around her, some even pelted stones at her and used the world ‘carcel’, which means jail in Spanish.

Reports confirmed the woman was arrested and fined or climbing the world heritage sit

The Temple of Kukulcán is also known as El templo. It is a Mesoamerican step-pyramid that dominates the center of the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán.

The temple was Built by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries AD.

It served as a temple to the deity Kukulcán, the Yucatec Maya Feathered Serpent deity.

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