71% workers prefer companies that allow work from home; prefer office on these days in hybrid mode

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71 employees favour work from home prefer office on these days in hybrid mode

71% employees favour work from home; prefer office on these days in hybrid mode

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As organisations pivot to a hybrid-attendance model from a 100% work-from-home mode adopted during the pandemic, most workers prefer flexible working hours and organisations that at least partially allow employees to work from home. As per a survey conducted by Randstad India, around 71% workers prefer flexible work hours and companies that allow an option to work from home. Over half of employees at 50-55% prefer working from office three days in a week. And the most popular days for working from office are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Viswanath PS, MD &CEO, Randstad India told Economic Times.

Viswanath further added a lot of cross-collaboration happens on these three days, since employees are only attending the offices once or twice every week on these days.

Companies such as Colgate-Palmolive (India) who have been following the hybrid work mode witness the busiest office days during the middle of the week.

Balaji Sreenivasan, executive vice president, Human Resources, Colgate-Palmolive (India) told ET that an internal survey at the company showed that employees preferred to have a full house at least one of the week as it enables a smooth coordination with their teams. The company sees the highest attendance on Tuesdays, which was chosen as a mandatory co-working day by consensus.

Viswanath further added that since employees are attending offices only once or twice a week, employees avoid virtual meetings on these days, and instead opt to spend time meeting people face-to-face. The office work environment is very vibrant on these days, and employees seem operate at their maximum productivity.

Rishi Khiani, founder of Kaam. com told Economic Times that he finds the middle of the week to be the most productive.

Mondays and Fridays remain least popular with employees working in the hybrid mode. Employees prefer to work from the comfort of their homes on Mondays. Fridays also witness very low footfalls in offices, as employees prefer to avoid the commute back to home on the last day of the work week, which is also the beginning of the weekend.

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