Your unhappiness is a result of your own thoughts

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You do not have any interest in your studies which is one of the reasons for your unhappiness. If you let petty things bother you then they will gradually become big problems for you and with time you will find it difficult to handle.

What to do

You need to focus on your work and business and also take care of your relationships because the two are closely related and good relations always come in handy in your work. You are finding it difficult to strike a balance between work and relationships, but it is something that you have to take care of.

What not to do –

You need to be very careful with your finances even when things are going in your favour because time can change in an instance and your good time can turn upside down in a blink of an eye. So never take your good times for granted and keep a sharp eye on the situation.


You are struggling in your love life because you are mentally disturbed as a result of which you are unable to trust anyone. As a result of which a good situation is also going out of your hand. You need to understand that all of this is your fault, and it is you who has to take the initiative to improve the situation.


Your financial condition is good because you are doing well professionally. However, at the same time your financial condition is also vulnerable because the present situation are in favour of spending and loses as far as you are concerned. But the biggest problem at the moment is that you are disturbed with regards your finances which is making you lose interest in everything else. So much so that you are not happy even with your own financial soundness.

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