Twitter Blue delayed until ‘significant impersonations’ stop; Elon Musk

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Twitter BlueAccording to a video of Elon Musk’s comments made on Monday, the firm won’t relaunch its premium verification service, Twitter Blue, until “we’re convinced about large impersonations not happening,” according to a report by the Verge.Last Monday, Musk said that his $8 monthly Blue subscription would once again be made available on November 29. But he admitted that the debut date was uncertain while speaking to the staff: “We might launch it next week. Perhaps not. However, we won’t go live until we have absolute confidence in our ability to block such serious impersonations.

Musk swiftly introduced the option for users to purchase a blue checkmark through Twitter Blue after quickly gaining control of Twitter. The Musk-led rollout rapidly resulted in rampant imitation of high-profile accounts, including those of Twitter’s advertisers, in spite of internal warnings from the company’s own trust and safety personnel. After just two days, paid verification was discontinued.

Since Twitter Blue doesn’t confirm that a user is who they say they are, it’s unclear how Musk plans to block accounts from impersonating others with the blue checkmark. Since Musk took over, Twitter has been mysteriously adding and removing separate, grey checkmarks from prominent accounts. This is probably an attempt by Twitter to set itself apart from the blue checkmark that has turned into a commodity that anybody can purchase.

Musk did not go into further detail during the meeting with Twitter staff today, just stating that “this is still something we’re thinking through.” He added that the firm will “probably” need to give “institutions and companies” a “different colour check.”

Unless there is some sort of payment barrier to drastically raise the cost of bots and trolls, he asserted, “Any given social media site, no matter what it is, is going to be vulnerable to them.” According to a recording of the meeting that The Verge was able to get, he also informed the staff that Twitter was done with layoffs and would start hiring once more.

Musk acknowledged in a tweet that the company was delaying the deployment of Blue Verified until there was “high confidence” that impersonation had been stopped, and that we “will probably use different colour checks for corporations than individuals.”

As part of his efforts to diversify the firm’s revenue away from advertising, which he said has experienced a “huge decline” since he took over, Musk has made Twitter Blue a high focus within the company.

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