Snowfall in Chennai? Not really but feels like it, say netizens sparking meme fest on social media

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Chennai snow

Image Courtesy: Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL)

Photo : Twitter

Chennai: The Southern Metropolis is not freezing but it sure feels like it, claim Chennai residents. The falling temperatures in the city have sparked a meme fest on social media where people are saying that it’s snowing in Chennai which is an oxymoron for the unusual weather conditions in the coastal city yesterday.

As per the regional meteorological department, Chennai’s maximum temperature today is likely to hover around 25 degrees celsius while the minimum temperature will be around 22 degrees Celsius.

Sharing an edited video of snow at a cricket stadium CSK wrote, “#ChennaiSnow is our new favourite oxymoron!”

Apart from the cricket team, scores of other users too shared some funny memes. One of the Twitter users shared an image of actor Amitabh Bachhan wrapped in Sheets. ” Chennai people after today’s cold weather be like,” they wrote.

Another user shared Akshay Kumar’s famous “miracle” dialogue from the movie Welcome and said that snow in Chennai is like a miracle.

Another user shared North Indians’ reaction.

A fourth shared the reaction of Chenani residents to a minor temperature drop.

Another user shared a meme from the iconic movie ‘The Shining. ‘

On Monday, the city recorded a minimum temperature of 22 degrees Celcius, the average low temperature in the city around this time of the year is 25 degrees Celcius.

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