Skullcandy Mod truly wireless buds review

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Skullcandy Mod ReviewOne of the coolest brands in the audio industry, Skullcandy is renowned for its cutting-edge design aesthetic and respectable audio quality. The American business has also entered the market for wireless earphones over the past few years. Here is my review of the most recent Skullcandy Mod True Wireless earbuds.

Basic chunky design, but battery life is a massive plus

The Mod earpieces, which come in black and grey, are substantial and include a large Skullcandy logo. The in-ears are well-fitting and ought to remain in place for most mild exertion. To ensure a perfect fit, the kit contains three pairs of silicone eartips.

Internally, 6mm dynamic drivers offer a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. The pair is Bluetooth 5.2 compliant and works with the AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs, but not AptX. The earbuds stand out for their multipoint connectivity, which enables you to link them with multiple devices at once.

Skullcandy Mod 2Skullcandy Mod (2)

The Skullcandy Mod is comfortable in my ears and can be used to pause a track on any earphone with a single touch and modify the volume with a double press. Unfortunately, the touch-sensitive button on the top part of the earbud that controls playback, pause, and pairing does not respond to a light touch. The earbud pushes irritatingly into the ear canal and frequently requires a firm touch to activate.

Ear controls are somewhat intrusive, Tile function works excellent in case you lose them

To handle calls and to play or pause audio, press the outer panel of either earpiece. To switch to the previous or next track, respectively, hold down the left or right earpiece for one second. Pressing either button for three seconds ends the current device’s connection.

Skullcandy Mod 3Skullcandy Mod (3)

Although this control scheme isn’t bad, it feels a little strange in use. For instance, it can be simple to underestimate (or simply forget) the proper amount of time because many functions depend on how long you hold down a button. In order to simplify things, Skullcandy might have added certain capabilities to the app or added an on-case button for things like “Find With Tile” or anything else that requires pairing.

The sound quality is fairly captivating, regardless of whether I was listening to music, or watching TV shows. In Whiplash, I could hear every beat of the drums shine through the Mod earbuds, and it also does justice to hits by Polyphia and Kendrick Lamar as well.

Skullcandy Mod 4Skullcandy Mod (4)

You do have the opportunity to alter the TWS’s soundstage, and the bass is powerful. The software has three fully customizable built-in EQ presets which are Music, Podcast, and Movie.

Both the Android and iOS Skullcandy apps make it simple to combine the Skullcandy Mod. In addition to giving me access to user manuals so I can repair my devices and adjust the media controls, the software also enables you to activate the “Stay Aware” mode.Skullcandy Mod 5Skullcandy Mod (5)

If the Mod earphones are lost, Tile support is available to help you find them. The Skullcandy app, however, does not make this possible. To find the Mod, I had to download the Tile app separately.

The Mod has clear mic technology that appears to be designed for people who make phone calls on their computers and mobile devices. On calls, I could frequently hear the other person clearly, although occasionally the listener might have thought my voice was a little synthesised.

Skullcandy Mod 6Skullcandy Mod (6)

The “Stay Aware” option helped me hear background noise while I was travelling, but I’ve heard better with over-ear headphones that had the same capability.

Based on varying usage, the earphones’ battery life is excellent, lasting 7-9 hours continuously. According to the company, the carry case extends the battery life of the earphones by an additional 27 hours. The battery indicator LED at the bottom of the case is a little perplexing; it flashes yellow when the battery is under 95% charged and red when it is under 40%.

Final verdict

Given that it has a multi-point connection that enables you to connect wirelessly to both your phone and laptop at the same time, the Skullcandy Mod is unquestionably worth the price.

Skullcandy Mod 7Skullcandy Mod (7)The Skullcandy Mod maintains its position as one of the top alternatives for overall sound, multi-device compatibility, and battery life in spite of competition from Samsung Buds 2 Pro, Apple Airpods 2, and Sony WF-1000XM3.

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