Power Rangers’ Amy Jo Johnson Posts Jason David Frank Tribute

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Amy Jo Johnson is remembering Jason David Frank through music. 

The Power Rangers star dedicated a heartfelt tribute to her late co-star, who died at age 49. A representative for Jason confirmed his passing to multiple outlets on Nov. 20, though no official cause of death has been publicly revealed.

In an emotional 17-minute Instagram video posted Nov. 21, Amy—who played Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Power ranger opposite Jason’s green Power Ranger—spoke with fans through tears on how she’s been mourning the actor’s passing. “I’ve been thinking about all of you guys, sending you all love,” she said. “I hope anybody out there whose feeling depressed or sad or lost or like there’s no other way, just know that there is and please reach out for help.”

Sharing that “Jason always really liked my singing,” Amy performed a powerful ballad about standing by a friend, singing, “If you ever want to see me, you know exactly where I’ll be.”

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