Nithari killings, ‘Tandoor’ murder & Shraddha’s case; Look back at horrific murders that shocked India in past

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From Nithari Kand To Tandoor Murder Scandal Gruesome Killings That Shook IndiaAs the investigation into the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walkar by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala is underway, several chilling details have emerged in connection with the case which has left the nation in shock. However, this is not the first such incident, which has rattled the nation. The Shraddha murder case has brought back memories of other gruesome killings in the past.

Times Now takes a look at the horrific incidents since the 90s that shook the nation

The first case that shocked the nation was the killing of Shakereh Namazi on May 28, 1991. Shakereh Namazi was reportedly buried alive in the backyards of her house in Bengaluru (then Bangalore).

The prime suspect was her second husband, Swami Shradanada, previously known as Murali Manohar Mishra. After three years on a sting operation, the Karnataka Police Force got an admission of murder from him. He admitted to having killed her wife to gain possession of her wealth. He also led the police to her remains buried in her residence in 1994. He is serving life in prison.

Naina Sahni Murder Case

The case popularly known as the ‘tandoor murder scandal’ was the death of Naina Sahni. Naina Sahni, a member of the Congress party was murdered by her husband Sushil Sharma, a youth Congress leader, over suspicion of her having an extramarital affair. The murder took place at their home in Delhi on July 2, 1995.

Sharma, in an intoxicated state, shot her twice and then chopped off her body into pieces and stuffed it in a ‘tandoor’ (clay oven) on the roof of a popular restaurant, which was managed by his friend.

Nithari serial killing

The sensational Nithari killings also known as ‘Nithari Kand’ came to the light after the Noida Police found human remains in a drain in Nithari village.

Businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and his helper and the main accused Surinder Koli were held for the rape and murder of multiple people. Koli had killed several children, mostly girls, and chopped their bodies to pieces before throwing them in the backyard outside Pandher’s house.

Anupama Gulati 2010 case

The murder of Shraddha Walkar has brought back the memories of a similar ghastly incident that was reported from Uttarakhand’s Dehradun in 2010.

Rajesh Gulati, victim Anupama Gulati’s husband had killed and sawed her body into 70 pieces and froze them, before dumping them over several days.

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