Minor girl survives fatal stray dog attack in Ghaziabad

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Ghaziabad: There seems to be no end to fatal stray dog attacks. In yet another horrific incident reported from Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh, a minor girl was brutally attacked by a stray dog who almost took her life. The victim has suffered 115 stitches in a massive 36-hour surgery.

The incident has been reported from Vijaynagar area of the city. The girl named Riya was operated upon at MMG district hospital. The girl was attacked by the dog when she playing outside her home on Sunday. The dog took off the flesh from the girl’s face during the attack.

ENT Specialist Dr Rakesh said the girl’s face sustained multiple injuries for which very small stitches had to be administered, according to a report in Amar Ujala.

The child is now in stable condition. The doctors said the child will get normal in the next 14-15 days.

CMS Dr Manoj Chaturvedi said such a surgery needs injections like serum and anti-rabies which are to be given during the surgery. These injections, which are expensive, were procured from outside as they are not supplied by the government.

Noida child PGI refused admission

Meanwhile, the child’s father alleged the girl was refused admission by Child PGI Hospital in Noida and neither the doctors there referred the victim to any other hospital.

When the girl’s father approached a private hospital, he was told that the total expenditure for the surgery would be Rs 5 lakh. Finally, the man took his daughter to Ghaziabad’s MMS district hospital where the girl was operated upon.

Doctors fear the scar girl’s face could stay for some time.

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