Injured cat visits hospital on its own in Turkey, comes back for re-examination

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Cat visits hospital

Photo: Facebook/Bitlis Tatvan Devlet Hastanesi


An injured cat visited Bitlis Tatvan State Hospital in East Turkey. A nurse named Abuzer Ozdemir attended to the cat’s injuries. A public hospital in Turkey had an unexpected patient. Well, if you are wondering who, it was a cat. An injured cat in search of assistance was seen at the Bitlis Tatvan State Hospital in Tatvan, East Turkey. The video of the cat at the hospital premises is going viral on social media.

The footage captured by the security cameras showed the little animal at the entrance of the hospital. The cat is seen limbing as it walks into the medical facility. The animal wandered in the corridors for quite some time. Luckily, the animal was spotted by a nurse identified as Abuzer Ozdemir. The kind nurse quickly began helping the injured cat. The footage showed the nurse tending to the cat’s injuries while it sat on a chair.

The video of the incident was posted on the hospital’s Facebook page.

Recalling the incident, Ozdemir stated, “While I was working, I saw a cat walk in and it was staggering. When I picked it up for examination, I noticed that his foot was broken, and I put it in a splint (medical product used to keep organs still). I kept the cat under surveillance for a while. Then the cat relaxed and went out again from where it came, as if it knew the way,” to news outlet Enson Haber.

The nurse also informed that the cat returned to the hospital for a re-examination of its paws. The staff at the hospital named the cat “Davso”. Meanwhile, the cat’s whereabouts and the way it got injured remain a mystery.

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