How is Japan using toilet paper rolls to help suicidal youth?

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How is Japan using toilet paper rolls to help suicidal youth - Know moreTokyo: In a rather unusual approach to tackling the issue of suicide among the youth in the country, Japan is now using toilet paper for the same. Japan is printing supportive messages and suicide prevention numbers on toilet paper to help suicidal youth.

As per reports, officials in Yamanashi started a campaign with the help of mental health experts involving toilet papers printed with supportive messages and hotline numbers. An official noted that people are more prone to ‘thoughts of anguish’ when they’re alone in the toilet, as per AFP.

Officials said that supportive messages on the toilet paper might be an effective tool to help the distressed youth discreetly.

‘Dear you, spending painful days pretending to be okay for someone else, you don’t need to tell us everything… but how about just a little of it?’ read one of the messages on the toilet paper. The toilet paper rolls also had illustrations of a curled-up cat and a woman holding an umbrella and looking up, as per reports.

Around 6,000 printed toilet paper have been distributed to 12 regional universities to help the youth so far.

Notably, Japan is grappling with the issue of suicide among youth for a very long time.

According to Health Ministry in Japan, the number of elementary, middle and high school-age students dying by suicide was recorded as 499 in 2020 setting a new record.

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