Did you dream about Lord Ganesha? Does he have a message for you? Know more

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Did you dream about Lord Ganesha Know what it means

Did you dream about Lord Ganesha. Know what it means (Pic credit: Pixabay)

Lord Ganesha is hailed as Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles). He is also known for his wisdom and calm demeanour. Interestingly, this Hindu deity is the Pratham Pujya (the first God to receive a devotee’s prayers or the first recipient of people’s offerings). And devotees invoke him to seek his blessings before an auspicious beginning (a new project, wedding, housewarming ceremony and so on and so forth). So, what does it mean when someone dreams about Lord Ganesha? How can one interpret this dream? Read on.

However, let us first understand dreams in general. A dream could be a series of visuals that a person sees in a state of deep sleep (with a subconscious mind). And the visuals in question may or may not be related to the person’s life. Moreover, none can plan the content of their dream because it is beyond one’s control. Dream interpreters strongly believe that a dream is either related to our past, present or events associated with our future. And today, let us know how dreams about Lord Ganesha could be interpreted.

Smiling Lord Ganesha

If you see a smiling Lord Ganesha in your dream then it could mean that the hurdles that were delaying your personal or professional plans will be removed soon and that you will be able to achieve your goals with ease.

Happy and Dancing Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is also referred to as Sukhkarta (doer of good) and Dukhharta (one who eliminates sorrow). Therefore, a happy and dancing Ganesha in your dream could mean that happiness is in store for you and all your agonies will perish.

Angry Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, otherwise known for his calm demeanour could get enraged by something unjust or distasteful. If Lord Ganesha appeared to be angry in your dream, then you may have invited his wrath by doing something he doesn’t appreciate. For instance, an angry Lord Ganesha in your dream could mean you must introspect and do away with jealousy, pride or ego.

Having recurrent dreams about Lord Ganesha?

When you repeatedly see Lord Ganesha in your dream it could suggest that you may have forgotten to honour a pledge you may have undertaken before initiating a new beginning. For instance, you may have pledged that you would visit a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha while asking for a wish, but forgot all about it after it manifested into a reality. Therefore, his constant reappearance in your dream could be a reminder of sorts. Moreover, it suggests that promises are meant to be kept.

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