Bhaisahab, ye kis line me aa gaye aap? Elon Musk tweets ‘Namaste’ to ‘judgy’ critics, desi memes take over

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Elon Musk tweets Namaste to judgy critics

Elon Musk tweets ‘Namaste’ to ‘judgy’ critics

Photo : Twitter

Elon Musk tweeted “Namaste” after asking his critics to stay on other platforms. The tweet which has gone viral has triggered a meme fest on the microblogging platform.

“Hope all judgy hall monitors stay on other platforms – please, I’m begging u,” Musk tweeted. “Namaste,” the Twit Chief added in his next tweet.

India is a key market for Twitter and several Indian software engineers are Twitter employees.

Netizens took to the comments section to post hilarious memes.

One user said, “Elon Musk actually used #Namaste 🙏to beg Haters to not return to Twitter.”

Another wrote, “Namaste dude @elonmusk you are the only person to save our planet. So i called you the planet saver.”

A third user added, “I still won’t pay you $8. Namaste 🙏.”

@elonmusk Looks like Indians on your team are teaching you well! 🙏 undefined

— ANI (@ANI) Nov 22, 2022

Someone commented, “A tweet without context for the nth time. Elon be like-“

Yet another added, “Bhaisahab, yeh kis line mein aa gaye aap?”

Meanwhile, Musk announced that he is putting on hold the relaunch of Blue verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation. “Holding off relaunch of Blue Verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation. Will probably use different color check for organizations than individuals,” he tweeted.

After firing about two-thirds of Twitter’s 7,500 employees in only three weeks after his take over, Musk said that the company is done with layoffs and is hiring again. He also asked the staffers to recommend potential candidates.

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