Apple rolls out Rapid Security Response Update for iOS 16.2 Beta

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iOS 16Apple has started rolling out its latest iOS 16.2 betas to users. One of the major features in the iOS 16 is the Rapid Security Response which allows Apple to push out important security fixes to users without needing a full iOS update. For those users who are on the iOS 16.2 beta, Apple released one of those updates which deliver unspecified bug fixes affecting the software.iOS Security Response 16.2 (a) is delivered via the regular Software Update mechanism in the Settings app, although it is a rather speedy update, requiring only a few minutes to download and prepare the update, followed by a quick restart and installation process.

Following the installation of the update, the system will report an updated version of iOS 16.2 (a), and tapping on the version in the About section of Settings will display information about your installed iOS version and the Rapid Security Response update, as well as the ability to remove the security update if desired.

The update is available via the Settings app’s usual software update process. iOS Security Response 16.2 is the name of the 96.8 MB build (a). According to Apple, “Rapid Security Response offers critical security fixes and is recommended for all customers.”

Interestingly, applying the update displays the iOS version as iOS 16.2 (a), and there is a setting in Settings > General > About > iOS version to remove the “security response.” This section also includes a separate listing of the original iOS 16.2 beta 3 build.

In the release description, Apple has categorised this update as a test. However, it has now been confirmed that this is not a test.

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