Woman kills husband with help of lover, body dumped in canal; accused arrested

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Bharatpur: In a shocking incident, a woman killed her husband with the help of her lover in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district. After allegedly killing her husband, the woman put the body in a sack and threw it in a canal. After killing the husband, the accused used to apply makeup so that her in-laws did not suspect any foul play.

The incident took place in the Noh village of the district around six months back. The police have arrested both the accused. The deceased was identified as Pawan. He got married to Reema around seven years back.

However, Reema started having an affair with a man living in her neighbourhood. The woman and her neighbour, Bhagendra, started meeting regularly. On May 29, Bhagendra along with his friend, Deep, went to meet Reema at her house.

Bhagendra asked Deep to remain outside the house and then he went inside. At the time of the incident, Pawan was also sleeping inside the house. Suddenly, Pawan woke up and caught Reema and her lover in a compromising position.

Reema and Bhagendra then allegedly murdered Pawan by strangulating him. Bhagnedra called his accomplice called inside. Both wrapped Pawan’s body in a bedsheet and tied it with a plastic rope. Then they tied a stone to the body and threw it into the canal around two kilometres from home.

The deceased’s father, Hariprasad, lodged a missing complaint at the Chiksana police station on June 4. The police then started an investigation into the matter. Notably, after killing Pawan, Reema and Bhagendra used to talk frequently. In October, Hariprasad caught both the accused in a compromising position at the deceased’s home.

Pawan’s family suspected foul play and lodged a complaint against both the accused. An investigation was launched into the matter. On the suspicion of murder, the police arrested Reema and Bhagendra.

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