Sony WF-LS900N wireless earbuds: What’s inside the box?

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Sony WFLS900NSony launched WF-L900N wireless earbuds earlier this year. The L900Ncompany’s premium offering in the TWS segment. Today, Sony has unveiled its toned-down version in India. It is called Sony WF-LS900N. The latest earbuds sport a typical wireless design but packs really good specs and features at a price of Rs 13,990.

Let’s find out more about the new pair of Sony’s TWS, and also what all do you get inside the retail box!

Sony WF-LS900N: Box contents

The retail box is made of eco-friendly material. As part of Sony’s environmental packaging initiative, the company has ditched plastic. Now, what you get inside the box are four things in total:

1. The charging case which holds a set of wireless earbuds.

2. A USB-C cable.

3. Extra silicone ear tips in different sizes.

4. Documents including reference guide, and a free trial of some music service.

Sony WFLS900N UnboxedSony WFLS900N Unboxed

Sony WF-LS900N: First impressions

If I begin with the design, both the earbuds and the charging case come in a matte finish. I like the scratch-less characteristic of the product. Sony’s latest wireless earbuds is very light in weight. The earbuds weigh only 4.8 grams, and are very comfortable to wear. The in-ear canal tips secure good grip. Users get three colour options with the latest TWS: black, white, and beige.

While I would want to talk about the sound experience in my full review, I can only say that I was pretty satisfied listening to music and attending calls in my brief stint with the product. I’m yet to test the advanced features, such as Speak-to-Chat and Bespoke Playback, included on the WF-LS900N earbuds. As for technical specifications, the WF-LS900N features 5.1mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.2, and Quick Charge technology among other things. The earbuds support Google’s Fast Pair feature to pair the TWS with your Android device quickly. Similarly, Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair your earbuds to your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC, or tablet.

One noteworthy feature of the product is its connectivity with two devices. The earbuds can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So, when a call comes in, earbuds know which device is ringing and connect to it automatically. One can quickly switch earbuds to either of the two devices at the touch of a button. As for battery, users can drive the earbuds for 6 hours on a single charge, and 20 hours using a charging case.

For more details on the Sony WF-LS900N, stay tuned to TimesNow for its full review!

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