Need to cut down on your emotional baggage

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Your commitment to your work is commendable. You have climbed the first step which has led to an improvement in your dedication. However, you need to work on your confidence which will take you to greater heights of success. Your next big step will help you get connected with people who will help you rise higher in life.

What to do

You have to learn to trust people more as that will help you approach them more easily and also help you share your ideas with them easily. People will also appreciate you for this. However, this may also bring you in conflict with some people but do not worry as this will help you deal with the challenges more effectively.

What not to do

Do not wait for a miracle that will make everything right in a jiffy. Because things never become alright in a jiffy. Life is never easy keep that in mind and you will constantly have to work hard if you want to improve your lot and remember not to carry too many emotional attachments or reactions as that will limit your progress.


Your hard work and intelligence has enabled you to make yourself financially sound. Despite your daily expenses you have made efforts to improve your financial condition. However, you need to be careful as to whose advise you take in financial matters as it could lead to losses.

Landed property

You might be tempted to invest your money in landed property, but this is not the right time for you to take this step as it could lead to your money getting stuck in an unprofitable place which can lead to heavy losses.

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