Man who ‘barked’ at govt official finally gets name changed on ration card

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Man barks in front of govt official

Man barks as protest in from of government official’s vehicle in West Bengal’s Bankura. (Photo: ANI)

Photo : ANI

Notably, the man’s surname was wrongly printed on his ration card as “Kutta”, instead of Dutta. His name was misprinted thrice. The word, “Kutta”, means dog in the Hindi language.

Dutta adopted a unique method of protest to get his name rectified on his ration card. Due to this reason he felt humiliated. The incident took place on Friday when the joint Block Development Officer (BDO) visited the ‘Duare Sarkar’ camp in Bikasa Gram Panchayat.

Here is the video:

Infuriated after ration card mentioned surname as ‘kutta’ instead of ‘Dutta’, the man continued to bark at officer.…

— ANI (@ANI) Nov 19, 2022

The entire incident was caught on camera and soon its video went viral on social media. In the video, it could be seen that Dutta did not speak a single word and kept on barking in front of the vehicle in which the government official was sitting.

The officer was also surprised by the way Dutta protested. After some time, he took cognisance of the matter and directed local officials to rectify the mistake. After the video went viral, the man told news agency ANI, “I applied for correction of name in ration card thrice. On the third time my name was written as Srikanti Kutta instead of Srikanti Dutta. I was mentally disturbed by this.”

Dutta thanked media for the supporting him in getting his name changed.

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