Jade Cargill Presses Bow Wow At His Own Meet & Greet

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One of the women with Cargill threw popcorn at Bow Wow during the altercation, which prompted security to intervene before things escalated further.

One guard picked up Velvet and Hogan, whisking them away — while the other guard restrained Jade from going after Bow Wow, who was taking steps toward the women.

Was Jade Cargill Pressing Bow Wow Just Hyping Up A Future Wrestling Match?

Things got heated between Cargill and Shad Moss after the Hip-Hop star shot his shot at the very much married professional wrestler.

It’s no secret Bow Wow has expressed interest in hopping into the professional wrestling ring, and this could be his way into the AEW.

If that is the case, it’s a strange route to go being that Jade Cargill is a woman, and intergender matches are really not a thing. But if we had to put money down, it’s all going on Cargill.

Bow Wow also got into it with another AEW superstar Swerve Strickland on Twitter. So who knows, we could see Bow Wow jumping from the top rope.

Photo:  Leon Bennett / Getty

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