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City Power on Monday returned to Hillbrow to disconnect a flat that allegedly owes the City of Joburg close to R5 million.

This after withdrawing its team on Friday after one of the employees was attacked by the residents.

According to City Power CEO Tshifularo Mashava, Ratsele Machete, 53, was in critical condition in hospital after he was attacked and assaulted in Hillbrow.

He was with a team doing cut off operation on defaulting flat along Wolmarans Street in Hillbrow when they were attacked and stoned by the residents, who also threatened to burn their cars. He was hit in the head several times with a blunt object and stones, said Mashava.

But City Power returned today to cut off the electricity on the non-paying flats.

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“It is quite regrettable that if there are citizens who have not paid should be able to accept when they disconnect, but we acknowledge that it is now quite dangerous for our employees, so to create a safe space for them to do what they need to do, we are partnering with external service providers such as the JMPD and the police. We also have a security company that is contracted with us. We’re ensuring that they are there because we need to ensure that it is safe for our employees,” said Mashava.

City Power has since opened a criminal case against the perpetrators.

City Power also disconnected electricity at the Gauteng eGoverment and Treasury building, saying it owed R34 million.

Spokesperson Isaac Mangena told EWN that the department’s account has been in arrears since 2019.

The department reportedly promised to pay the outstanding bill by Tuesday.

Watch the video below of City Power officials disconnecting electricity on Monday:

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