As Twitter burns, Koo spreads its wings in Brazil

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Koo Launches in Brazil with Portuguese language support

Koo Launches in Brazil with Portuguese language support.

The Koo app has now officially launched in Brazil with the addition of the Portuguese language, making it available in 11 native languages now. As per the company, the platform received a tremendous response from Brazil users with over 1 million user downloads within 48 hours of launch. The company states that “Koo looks to further cement its position globally by making the app available to more countries and launching in multiple global languages.”

Aprameya Radhakrishna, CEO & Co-founder, Koo, said, “We are very happy to see the kind of love and support Brazil has shown us. It’s great to be the top app in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Brazil within 48 hours of being known in the country. This support is a testimony that we are solving a problem for native language-speaking users not only in India, but across the world.”

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder, Koo, said “We saw more than a million users from Brazil join Koo in the last 48 hours and with one of the highest engagement ever seen. Brazil is big on social media and speaks Portuguese, the native language. Koo has become a cult brand in Brazil that enjoys an unbelievable fan following. We are proud to have started the movement of ‘Make in India, Make for the World’ in the tech product world. We have made Brazil fall in love with India. With every new language and country launched, we will be getting closer to our mission of uniting a world that is divided by language-barriers.”

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