A leak-based, fan-made GTA 6 map is in the works

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Although Grand Theft Auto VI hasn’t even been officially revealed yet, it seems that the series community is already putting the pieces together to figure out what the next map in the series will be like.

It’s been a busy week for GTA studio Rockstar Games, to say the least, as it has been confirmed that around 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay have been leaked in one fell swoop. And while Rockstar has since denied that the leak won’t affect the game’s development as it continues to actively suppress the incident with legal action and DMCA takedowns, players already seem to have received a lot of the information needed to make one of Fans made estimate to compile the map of GTA 6.

The GTA VI Map has been posted to @Kotaku – Thanks to everyone on the project (I just added the borders, extra roads and pictures) #GTA6 #GTAVI #RockstarGames #GTAViceCity pic.twitter.com/y2iUNEMFvW

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— Church of GTA (@ChurchofGta) September 21, 2022

As posted on Church of GTA on Twitter, less than three days after leaks of the highly anticipated title first surfaced, it seems an impressive amount of coordination and effort has already begun to connect the dots.

There has been a lot of discussion on the GTA forums trying to figure out how to most accurately attribute the leaked content without including images that could cause problems.

For example, to illustrate specific locations, some have even used Microsoft Paint to draw key characters seen in the leaks.

Of course, perhaps the most concrete details the leaks seem to have confirmed so far are that GTA 6 will take place in a new version of Vice City and feature a Bonnie & Clyde-inspired heist story.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how far this effort goes. If history tells us anything, the bar seems to have been set pretty high already, because back in 2011, those who used screenshots, trailers, previews, and promotional media for GTA V ended up with a fan-made map that nailed it hit the point head.

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Rockstar Games has not indicated when it will next release official information about GTA 6. Back in February, Rockstar initially confirmed that GTA 6 was in development.

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