How Lala Kent’s Life Transformed When She Began Her Sobriety Journey – E! Online

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LaLa Kent will never forget the pain of losing her father.

In April 2019, the Vanderpump Rules star said goodbye to her dad and shared on Instagram that her world had “crumbled.” As a way to get through the grief, LaLa said she began drinking non-stop from morning until night. 

“It was how I was coping,” the Bravo star exclusively shared with E! News. “When I went on the full on binge drinking for I believe it was three or four days straight, I just woke up with that feeling of being out of control, not knowing what I did, just the guilt and the shame and that was the moment I said I’m taking my life back. I’m not living one more day this way.”

Now, the 32-year-old is celebrating three years and 11 months of sobriety. She’s also marking National Recovery Month by sharing her story in hopes of inspiring those in need.

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Before, LaLa said she would go out for a night on the town and be unable to remember what happened the next day. But now, as a mom to 17-month-old Ocean, the reality star says she is “present for every single moment” of life, including all of her daughter’s milestones.

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