Corser, Herriman dive deep into Thai Cave Rescue

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This year has seen a documentary from Disney+ and a movie from Prime Video on the famed rescue of a Wild Boars soccer team from a Thai Cave.

Now Netflix unveils 6 part drama, Thai Cave Rescue, which included filming in Chiang Rai and the actual site of the Tham Luang cave.

“It’s an incredible story,” Rodger Corser told TV Tonight.

“I mean, there’s so many elements that it’s hard to boil it down to a couple of lines. The resilience of the boys, the people, the massive effort it took, the dumb luck that they all survived. One Navy SEAL passed away, but they really didn’t expect anyone to survive. The cave was going to flood anyway so they had to try something.

“Lucky that there was a man like Richard Harris, a cave diver -which is a very specific skill. It’s not like open water diving. It’s totally different. Zero visiblity.”

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Corser plays anaesthetist Harris who was part of an elite diving team which included fellow Aussie Craig Challen.

“I spent 3 three months over there, an incredibly local cast, but also great bunch of Aussies that went over there. There was a lot of Americans in the crew, but Thai and a bunch of Aussies in some key roles.”

While actor Damon Herriman plays the Challen role for Netflix, the character was absent from the Ron Howard dramatisation for Prime Video.

“From an Aussie’s point of view that was disappointing only because they both won Australian of the Year and they’re such a team. One didn’t go without the other. They do all their cave diving usually together. But they have to condense it to 2.5 hours and we’ve got 6 x 1 hours.”

Thai Cave Rescue premieres Thursday September 22 on Netflix.


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