ONE-ON-ONE Mystery Road: Origin director Dylan River – TV Blackbox & McKnight Tonight

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ONE-ON-ONE Mystery Road: Origin director Dylan River

In this episode of the TV Blackbox One on One podcast, journalist Nikole Gunn interviews series director, Dylan River, and co-producer, Greer Simpkin regarding their upcoming highly anticipated ABC drama series, Mystery Road: Origin.

The six-part series will explore how a tragic death, an epic love, and the brutal reality of life as a police officer straddling two worlds, form the indelible mould out of which will emerge, Detective Jay Swan.

It’s 1999 and the world is on the cusp of a new century. It’s a time of hope for many and a chance to tell a new story. But some old stories can’t be easily wished away.

Jay Swan, a freshly minted police detective, will discover this harsh truth when he takes up his first posting in a mining town, Jardine, pop. 1000. Jay doesn’t know he is on the verge of a story that will change his life forever.

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Mystery Road: Origin premieres Sunday, 3 July at 8.30pm on ABC TV, with all six episodes available to binge on ABC iview.

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