How to taunt in Madden 23

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Madden has been out for over a month, but players may still not know how to taunt in-game.

Whether you’re playing Madden 23 on the couch with some friends or online against an opponent, a large part of the game involves taunting when you get the chance.

Maybe you start the game off with a big move, or maybe you’re big on a game and want a bit of fun late in the game. Either way, taunting is a fun way to keep the game interesting.

For those who don’t know, taunting is another way of saying celebrate. It’s a way to show off during gameplay to add a little more personal touch to the game, and it can really irritate your opponents if done right.

Taunt is something you only want to do when you have open space in front of you, as it leaves you wide open to fumbling the ball or getting tackled. You don’t run as fast when you taunt, so keep that in mind.

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Here are the controls for taunting on PlayStation: Hold L2+R2+X.

Make sure you hold down the L2 and R2 keys before the X, otherwise you may try to stiffen the arm. Once activated, your player will slow down and start their taunt/celebration, and that’s something you’ll only want to do when you’re right next to the end zone, unless you’re big on the game.

Here are the controls for taunting on Xbox: Hold LT+RT+A.

These are the same locations as the PlayStation, but the two controls just have different names for each location. You can see a video tutorial on how to mock below:

Madden also offers players various celebrations to use in-game when they get a big first down or sack. These are selected by pressing up, down or side to side when prompted. With all the different customizations, there’s a lot of fun to be had in Madden 23! How to taunt in Madden 23

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