Apex Legends Predator RP reaches new heights in Season 14

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Apex Legends Predator RP reaches new heights in Season 14

Catching Predator in Apex Legends is one of the most difficult achievements in gaming. Just the thought of being one of the top 750 players is scary in itself, but what if the goal post kept moving?

In Season 14, the RP gains have been changed and the cap has been removed. Now the threshold for beating Predator continues to increase with the performance of the current player base.

We are 12 days from the end of Split 1 and the RP threshold to reach Pred is 35,656 RP on PC.

In S12 Split 1, this threshold was only reached 5 days before the end of the split.

However, the number of Masters/Preds is currently much lower. pic.twitter.com/xNqZVX2SMQ

– Apex (Legends) Status 🦇 (@_ApexStatus) September 15, 2022

The RP required to hit Predator right now is 35,000 with a week left in the split. Well, most players who wanted to beat Predator would have done so by now, but if there were any remaining players trying to snag it before the split was over, they’re basically screwed.

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And based on previous seasons, the total number of Master and Predator players has gone down, meaning only the best of the best are setting records while the rest struggle.

Add in the fact that lobbies accidentally place gold level players with Predators, and players can endlessly push their RP to unfathomable levels. This makes it difficult for players to get into and lock down the Predator level in the first place. It really does feel like Predator is just a race to the top for the first few weeks, then loops endlessly so others can’t keep up. If you don’t have the time to play eight hours a day, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you won’t achieve Predator.

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