Warzone YouTuber recommends Forgotten AR to win in Solos

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Warzone YouTuber recommends Forgotten AR to win in Solos

YouTuber and content creator Metaphor recently released a video showing the power of a long-forgotten weapon used to dominate the competition in Call of Duty: Warzone solos.

Metaphor, known for his entertaining and educational videos, recently introduced the FN SCAR 17 and offered his thoughts on the weapon’s usefulness along with the gear players should use to maximize the FN SCAR 17’s potential.

While use of the FN SCAR 17 has declined significantly in recent years, Metaphor highlighted the gun’s “really, really good bullet velocity” and stated that “overall there are a lot of good trades to be made with this gun”. However, Metaphor noted that one of the main downsides to AR was that players didn’t have access to the Vanguard areas, which have been incredibly popular in the recent meta.

Along with his thoughts, Metaphor showed the attachments he uses to mitigate some of the downsides of FN SCAR 17 as shown below:

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Metaphor also appears to favor the pairing of the FN SCAR 17 with the ever-popular PPSH-41, featuring the weapons in a segment of gameplay dedicated to demonstrating the power of the FN SCAR 17 in Warzone solos.

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