White Women From The Jury Faced Panic Attack During The Closing Arguments in R. Kelly Child Abuse Case

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A judge in R. Kelly experienced a panic attack during the closing arguments, and her federal trial on accusations of child pornography and obstruction of justice was postponed on Monday. A white woman who worked for a public library was the juror. The judge dismissed her around 3:30 PM into the closing statements from the prosecution and defense teams in local time. She reportedly indicated she couldn’t continue for another minute, according to the U.S.

R. Kelly

District Judge Harry Leinenweber remarked just before appointing the white man Juror 83 in place of the lady Juror. After closing remarks from a defense lawyer and Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Pozolo, the switch was made. The adjustment was made, and the trial went on. For those unversed, the 55-year-old Kelly is on trial in federal court in Chicago on charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice. Reports confirm that Kelly is serving 30-year imprisonment.

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After the court found R. Kelly guilty last year in New York City, he was charged with federal racketeering and s3x trafficking. It is reported that Kelly committed horrible crimes against minors and not just that but he also tried to cover up his actions with the help of his business partners. He knew that the crimes he had committed would be completely damning. Let us mention that R. Kelly is a singer with his legal name being Robert Sylvester Kelly.

Reportedly, Kelly is being tried alongside Derrel McDavid, his former business manager, and an associate Milton “June” Brown. They both are accused of being involved with him in the crime and in intimidating and bribing witnesses. Besides, they also covered up evidence in a 2008 criminal trial on child pornography charges in Cook County. Beau Brindley, McDavid’s defense attorney, attacked the credibility of two government witnesses who testified that he conspired with Kelly in closing arguments.

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On another hand, Mary Judge, an attorney for Brown, said he was nothing more than an assistant to Kelly and that he has no idea about any of his wrongdoing. He added that since he did not anything, he could not have been involved in covering it up. On Monday, jurors heard from Brindley, Pozolo, and Judge. Let us add that the closing argument will continue Tuesday with Kelly’s attorney and Judge. It is also said that a large crowd of supporters fans lined up to get into the courtroom Monday morning to catch a glimpse of the singer.

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